Welcome to A Little Bit of Diviniti!


I'm Terri - also known as Diviniti - and this is my space to share my journey, my thoughts, and my life with you! 

Recently, someone I know was introducing me to someone who didn't know me.  She said, "This is Diviniti.  She is EVERYTHING!"  I laughed and thought her description was very cute.  I was flattered even.  But in the end I downplayed her comments as being way too much.  The more I thought about it, though, and reflected on all that I do and all that I am, I bought right into her description.  Let me explain.

My primary career is in education.  I am an elementary school teacher in Detroit Public Schools and have been for more than twenty years.  Yes, 20!  I have taught fourth, fifth, and sixth grades but I am currently a first grade teacher.  I've been teaching first grade for about six years.  

My secondary career is in music.  That's where the name Diviniti comes from - it's my stage name.  I have been singing for most of my life, but my first single was released in 2004.  Besides being a Grammy-nominated recording artist in my own right, I am also a songwriter for other artists including the French power duo, Les Nubians.  

My tertiary career is that of the founder and executive director of a nonprofit organization called The Little Bit Project.  I created TLBP 3 years ago in an effort to spread some love and positive energy in my city - Detroit, Michigan.  I started with affirmation cards called Little Bit Cards.  There are twelve different affirmations currently in circulation. With the help of social media and some wonderful friends and supporters Little Bit Cards have be mailed or placed in more than 100 countries!  Little Bit Cards are on every continent except Antarctica!  Besides distributing Little Bit Cards, The Little Bit Project also initiates various programs and initiatives the uplift and support others in thriving and living their best lives.  

I have recently been named a Dia Domino Dia & Co. is a plus-sized fashion subscription box that I have been getting for close to two years now.  They recently initiated the Domino program and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.  A Dia Domino is a brand ambassador who motivates and inspires others to live out loud through leading by example.  I'm ALL about that!

See?  I probably could have just said, My name is Terri - and I am EVERYTHING!  


So why am I adding this blog to my "I do this" list?  Because although I do a lot of things professionally, I have just begun to live my best life personally.  I have finally found my voice and, most importantly, I am losing the fear associated with using it.  I'm loving myself more and more.  And I mean all parts of myself.  Part of loving myself is taking care of myself, and I have never been more focused on that than right now.  

I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you.  I hope you enjoy traveling with me.


Much love,


P. S. To visit my Diviniti artist website and The Little Bit Project, click on the photos below!