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Everything Ain’t For Everybody

Everything Ain’t For Everybody

I’m a giver. A sharer, if you will. I like to give and share things with the people I love. I’m big on everyone being ok - satisfied - happy.

Even though I made the trip to the California coast solo, I knew I wasn’t really alone. I mean we live in the time of FaceTime and Skype, right? I knew that whenever I saw something that I wanted to share along the way I could take photos and/or videos and I could call the person I wanted to share with and they would virtually be right there with me.

That’s what I did when I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. Once I got to the middle, I made a video call to my personal trainer Sydni. I needed to share my accomplishment and excitement with her in real time. And even though she was in the middle of working on a client (she’s a phenomenal make up artist also) she listened to me scream and yell a jumble of words that included: Golden Gate Bridge, proud, oh my God and happy. She got the chance to see that at that very moment I was on the bridge and to see some of the scenery I was surrounded with. Mission accomplished.


There were other times during my drive down Highway 1 when I saw some of the most amazing displays of nature’s beauty, the majesty of the mountains alongside the power of the Pacific Ocean. It was at those times that the most interesting thing happened.

As I’m driving and taking in the magnificent scenes, I pick up the phone to FaceTime a friend so they could see first hand the wonder I was witnessing. I look at the phone to dial the number. No signal. Period. Nothing.  Once I drive past the scene I wanted to share, there’s a place to park and take in the view. I pull in there and check my phone again. YES!  Signal is at full strength. So I call my friend via FaceTime and start to describe the beauty I saw and explain that I want to share it with them as well. So I hook a u-turn and begin driving back to the area I wanted my friend to see. All is well. Signal is still good. But the closer I get to the magic spot, the more the bars start to drop and before I know it the call failed - right when I’m in the very space I wanted them to see.

After two additional failed attempts and mounting frustration from all parties involved, I gave up on sharing that scene in real time and settled for taking photos and video.


Once I settled into my bed for the evening and reflected on the days events, the real message in that experience became crystal clear. I had been dreaming about - thinking about - seeing scenes with the ocean and mountains on this very trip for years!  Me not being able to share it in real time taught me two lessons at once.

  1. Be Present

    Mindfulness and being present in the moment is something I am very interested in. And while I work to practice this, I’m well aware that as with most things, it’s a journey. A slow process. And one that you must practice consistently to find success in it. I don’t practice it consistently. But this experience forced me to be present (at least at that time) and take in all that was going on around me. Because I couldn’t share in real time I knew that some aspects of the senses would be missing while just looking at the videos or pictures. I wanted to be immersed in the experience to be able to recall everything about it to fill in those blanks. The only way I could do that was to be still and to be present. I wanted to be able to talk about the light smell of the salty ocean water in the air. I wanted to talk about the breeze that blow and the sound it made in the grass and flowers. The only way I could relay all of those sensations was to be completely one with the moment. Embedded in it. And I was.

  2. Everything Ain’t For Everybody

    Sometimes it’s all about you. There are certain things or experiences that are simply not to be shared. This, without question, was one of those experiences for me. Here I am, seeing things I have been dreaming about and visualizing for years manifest right before my eyes and all I can think of is sharing the experience with someone who is not with me! What a wake up call. The calls dropping was the Universe’s way of saying - “Hey, you! Remember what you wanted? We got it for you!! JUST FOR YOU!” And when the Universe speaks…well, you already know the rest. I had no choice but to stop and appreciate the glory that surrounded me. That’s a tough task for a giver like me. It’s hard for me to be selfish and self-centered at all. But this experience showed me the value in these qualities.

If you’ve been like me - going through life with your priority list slightly out of order, take a minute and reevaluate things. Realize that it’s just fine, actually it’s necessary, to switch that list up and put Y-O-U at the very tip top.

Why do some people love to climb mountains, go to the highest floor of a skyscraper, go zip lining or skydiving? Besides the adrenaline rush, they know - like most of us do deep inside - that the view from the top is incredible. That’s how life can be once you view your life from the top of your priority list.

If you don’t believe me, I dare you to give it a try.

It's A Love Thing!

It's A Love Thing!

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